Staying At A Motel

Staying At A Motel
The term motel came into general use in the 1950s and was coined from a combination of the words motor and hotel. A motel is designed to provide short term accommodation as well as on site parking for motorists. The rooms are often connected and in a U or L shape with direct access to the parking area.
It was the building of interstate highways which resulted in the popularity of motels in the United States of America. Hotels and rest houses were mostly situated in the cities which meant that motorists would have no option but to travel non-stop to the next city or State. Very conveniently for motorists motels began to spring up in towns and suburbs.
Unlike hotels motels are targeted at travellers who require overnight lodging. They tend to be cheaper than hotels although they provide high quality accommodation with serviced rooms. They will have at least tea and coffee making facilities and often have a self contained kitchen. This can be a great saving as you wont need to eat out all the time.
It is normal for the units to have entrances directly accessing the car park area. You are often able to park your car at your motel door which is extremely convenient for unpacking and packing your luggage as well as being secure.
Most hotels serve meals in a dining room. Most motels do not offer this facility which allows them to offer cheaper rates. You dont need to pay for an option that you may not use.
The type of rooms offered by motels are studio, one, two or three bedroom units. All will have at least one bathroom which means that you wont have to share with a stranger. They provide bedding and towels.
Motels provide comfortable, homely, accommodation and can be a great option for a longer getaway even though they were originally conceived as being suitable for single night stays.
If you are planning a trip to Invercargill accommodation will need to be arranged and the option of staying at a motel is worth considering.

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