Attractions You Can Visit If You Stay At Wodonga Motels (part 2)

Attractions You Can Visit If You Stay At Wodonga Motels (part 2)
In my previous article I’ve started and succeeded to mention just a few attractions in Wodonga, so in this article I want to try to finish what I’ve started. It is a nice place and it’s located near the border of the Australian states Victoria and New South Wales and just 4 miles from its twin city Albury. If you drive from Sydney to Melbourne you will probably drive through this town and maybe you’ll stop to get some rest or maybe you’ll stay at some of the Wodonga Motels, because the shortest way will take less than 10 hours of driving a car. In Wodonga there are some really nice places so, there is no need to wait to travel from Sydney to Melbourne to visit it.

Wodonga Races

If you are fan of horse racing this is the place that you should visit. At the Murray region there is great racing hub. The race season starts in August, seven days through the whole year. The racetrack circumference is at 1700 metres. So pick a favorite horse and bet on it or if you are not so much of a gambler you can watch and enjoy the race.

Murray River Canoe Hire

Murray River with its length of less than 1.5 thousand miles is the longest river in Australia and it is a natural border between NSW and Victoria. Wodonga with Albury form together the largest settlement on the Murray River. If you’re enjoy canoing and river traveling you can hire a canoe or a houseboat and have fun.


Only 20 minutes car drive will take you to Albury Wodonga Paintball. It’s located at Table Top Mountain and having a great time is guaranteed, off course if you are person who likes shooting and action.

Ettamogah Pub

Started as a cartoon and created by Ken Maynard for the Australian Post Magazine. The very first pub is located ten kilometers north of Albury. The idea of this pub is to be isolated thus creating a new and special pub culture never before seen in Australia. These pubs are highly visited each year which makes this pub a main attraction of the region. Since its inception the name Ettamogah has become more of a brand for pubs than anything else.

With this many places to visit, Wodonga Motels and Albury Motels will come in handy and make your experience much more pleasant and give you an edge on your travels.

Visitor of Wodonga Motels and Albury Motels

Attractions You Can Visit If You Stay At Wodonga Motels (part 1)

Attractions You Can Visit If You Stay At Wodonga Motels (part 1)
Wodonga is a beautiful place to visit. No matter if you came with reason or you have suddenly arrived there, you have a great opportunity to visit some of the attractions of this town. There are a few Wodonga Motels that will make you enjoy in your staying.
In this article Ill mention some of the attractions that can be explored if you are accommodated in some Wodonga Motel.

Bandiana Army Museum

This is one of the biggest army museums in whole Australia. The oldest collection dates from the 1863 and thats the year of first war that Australia was involved. The museum contains more than a 160 army vehicles, lots of guns, male and female uniforms from different time periods.

Jindera Pioneer Museum

This is another museum that its visit is not just wasted time, if you want to see the oldest remaining house in this area.

All Saints Estate Winery

This is one of the most spectacular places that you can visit if you want to degust one of the best sorts of wine in Australia. There are two wineries in the All Saints Estate Winery. The first is called St. Leonard and the second is called as same as the name of the estate All Saints. Youll be amazed from the entrance of the estate where youll be welcomed by more than a hundred years old elm trees.

Beechworth Ghost Tours

If you want this kind of places and you and to increase the adrenalin in your blood, than Beechworth Ghost Tour is a must. You can take four different tours such as: Ghost Tour, Investigation Tour, Twisted Tales Mine Tour or Murders and Haunts Tour. These tours are taking only at nigh so you have to stay at some of the wodonga motels.

These are just a few of the many attractions that you can visit if you say in some wodonga motel; the next article Ill use to show you the rest of them. Most of the Albury motels can give you pleasant stay for less money comparing with staying at hotel. Some of them have their own websites where you can make booking. One of these Wodonga Motels is Comfort Inn & Suites – Blazing Stump.

Visitor of Wodonga Motels

Motels – Great & Excellent Place to Stay

Motels – Great & Excellent Place to Stay

Are you planning for your vacations with all your family or with the one who is very near and dear to you? Then you need to take as much precautions as possible for making it an unforgettable experience of your life. You and your partner or the companions would be feeling the excitement and enthusiasm of the tour don’t let the feeling of excitement to convert into the anxiety of wondering for the right motel.

Opting for a motel is one of the best and the most efficient ways of saving money during the tour, if you want to stay within budget. Most of the motels offer great amenities and facilities of same level and standard of luxury hotels with high cost.

The success of your trip depends a lot on what type of accommodation you are choosing? Your selection of motels would either make or ruin your trip. It is a bit daunting task to find the most appropriate motel if you are traveling on budget and have a list of choices with you.

People who are looking for motels generally stand between one of the categories such as budget travelers, family, business and sightseeing travelers. The ever increasing demand of motels forces the motel authorities to offer more amenities at a very competitive price. The additional amenities include wireless internet access, exercising zone along with libraries and several other things.

The costs of most of the motels change drastically as you move from one place to another. If you are seeking to find any motel or any sort of accommodation around a cosmopolitan city like New York then even hundreds of dollars will not serve the purpose. It will end up by offering an average type of accommodation while you can find a great accommodation around not so famous destination at the same price.

Some of the most famous places of United States which would definitely save some money on accommodation if you are opting for motels are Las Vegas, Myrtle Beach, San Diego, Miami, Los Angeles, Orlando and many more to add to the list.

Las Vegas is one of the most sought after tourist destinations of the world and offers a range of places and things to see and enjoy. The city offers colorful neon lights to the casinos, happening nightlife to Vegas Strip, this city has something for everyone. It is estimated that around a million people visit the city every week making it difficult for the visitors to find the most appropriate accommodation. This is the time when motels play a great role by offering great stay at the most reasonable price.

The best and the easiest way of finding a range of motels are finding them on internet. Online hotel booking gives the freedom of booking according to the convenience of the traveler. This also gives the clear picture of the hotels and rooms along with the highlights of the area. Online booking gives you the opportunities to find several magnificent motels around the area you are planning to visit.

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Prolonged Stay Motels

Prolonged Stay Motels
Expanded remain hotels are designed to allow for individual or even enterprise travelers who require in which to stay expensive hotels for the far more extensive time frame. The particular extended stay variety accommodations need to allow their particular guests for you to relax and unwind without being worried about getting away from home. They try very hard to carry your home to you through developing a comparable atmosphere. This phenomenal type of visitor desires to enter an area or perhaps suite as well as sense instantaneous comfort as well as familiarity. More substantial areas which has an outlined splitting up of the living space, bedroom, bath, and also kitchen assistance to provide the impression regarding home. Concentrating on these kind of distinct wants along with features perform in order that the continue to be could be more comfy along with easy. Usually, services in extended continue to be accommodations may include: workplace, couch, organization services, self-service washing services, dry cleansing washing companies on-site, Straightener along with pressing board in most room, cleaning companies; everyday or each week. Several rooms are around to cater to dogs and cats or even might have an entire assistance kitchen, plus a health club using a pool and also Jacuzzi.

They’re some of the facilities that you can get generally in most long continue to be motels to meet those essential wants your favorite guest require. Lengthy keeps overseas for any reason can become tense along with exhausting despite family members with you. Community Expanded Keep Motels understand this matter and they also work each day to offer benefit along with spectacular ease and comfort to people who require specific accommodations. Long lasting keep hotels, desire to make any keep away from home as near as it can be to be able to in your home as well as obtaining the feeling of complete comfort as well as pleasure.

Hotels on this good quality have got always presented numerous extra features and can occasionally require a leap forward, in case asked for, to supply a lot more services regarding special conditions. These hotels normally have sites to take an online tour of their guest suites, packages, foyer, fitness center, and also other hotels. This is one way of getting informed about what they have to offer prior to your own stay. Expanded Remain Hotels come recommended for people who have to be away from home pertaining to a long time. They make this kind of expertise feel similar to an exciting moment apart. There are spots to buy, fantastic food, movies, night life along with amusement, recreational areas, along with other activities to have linked to all through your own keep.

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