Motel 6 – The Pet Friendly and Affordable Motel Chain

Motel 6 – The Pet Friendly and Affordable Motel Chain

When I feel the urge to get away for a few days on the spur of the moment, there are a few factors I take into consideration. First of all, I don’t want to break the bank. I definitely don’t want to spend a quarter of my monthly salary on a short spur of the moment getaway! The other consideration is that I want to travel with my dog Conan. After all, he is my best buddy, so a vacation just wouldn’t be a vacation without him! If I boarded him, I would spend the entire weekend wondering if he was happy or not. Not to mention, I truly enjoy spending time with him! Taking him on my little impromptu trips is an absolute must.

The first place I always look when deciding where Conan and I will be taking off to is the Motel 6 website. Motel 6 advertises that they are the lowest priced national chain of any motel, and I certainly believe that claim to be the truth. Most of the locations that I have seen are in the $ 40 to $ 70 a night price range, which is quite reasonable.

Also, they have a corporate policy of being pet friendly. This means I know for sure that any location I go to with my puppy, we will both be welcomed.

Lastly, with Motel 6 you really know what you are getting when you book a room. Sure, it’s only the basics – you’re not going to find mini fridges or coffee makers in these rooms. But you also know that it is going to be clean and new, and that the staff will be friendly and accommodating.

In conclusion, if you’re planning a quick trip and your pet will be joining you, I can’t think of a better affordable alternative than Motel 6.

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