Attractions You Can Visit If You Stay At Wodonga Motels (part 1)

Attractions You Can Visit If You Stay At Wodonga Motels (part 1)
Wodonga is a beautiful place to visit. No matter if you came with reason or you have suddenly arrived there, you have a great opportunity to visit some of the attractions of this town. There are a few Wodonga Motels that will make you enjoy in your staying.
In this article Ill mention some of the attractions that can be explored if you are accommodated in some Wodonga Motel.

Bandiana Army Museum

This is one of the biggest army museums in whole Australia. The oldest collection dates from the 1863 and thats the year of first war that Australia was involved. The museum contains more than a 160 army vehicles, lots of guns, male and female uniforms from different time periods.

Jindera Pioneer Museum

This is another museum that its visit is not just wasted time, if you want to see the oldest remaining house in this area.

All Saints Estate Winery

This is one of the most spectacular places that you can visit if you want to degust one of the best sorts of wine in Australia. There are two wineries in the All Saints Estate Winery. The first is called St. Leonard and the second is called as same as the name of the estate All Saints. Youll be amazed from the entrance of the estate where youll be welcomed by more than a hundred years old elm trees.

Beechworth Ghost Tours

If you want this kind of places and you and to increase the adrenalin in your blood, than Beechworth Ghost Tour is a must. You can take four different tours such as: Ghost Tour, Investigation Tour, Twisted Tales Mine Tour or Murders and Haunts Tour. These tours are taking only at nigh so you have to stay at some of the wodonga motels.

These are just a few of the many attractions that you can visit if you say in some wodonga motel; the next article Ill use to show you the rest of them. Most of the Albury motels can give you pleasant stay for less money comparing with staying at hotel. Some of them have their own websites where you can make booking. One of these Wodonga Motels is Comfort Inn & Suites – Blazing Stump.

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